Life Sciences

Despite a variety of diverse obstacles in the past few years, the life sciences and biotechnology industry in the United States and abroad has continued to prosper. Our sophisticated and nationally recognized practice serves a diverse group of clients, including corporations, universities and entrepreneurs with national and global interests in the healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, and environmental industries, to name a few. As one of only six law firms selected to provide biotechnology patent services to the National Institutes of Health, our firm excels at providing targeted counsel to companies of all sizes.

Our pharmaceutical clients rely on our lawyers for strategic intellectual property counsel as their products progress through regulatory approval, both in the United States and abroad. No matter the type of drug, whether small molecule therapeutics or novel recombinant DNA and molecular biology-based products, we support them in every country, every step of the way. Our lawyers also have significant experience helping clients protect their pharmaceutical products from infringement both in the United States and in nearly every country in the world.
Our team is consistently recognized for its strength of service and we have achieved this success on behalf of our clients by:
• Aligning the patent prosecution process with our client’s core business strategies,
• Directing patent investment on inventions most likely to be valuable in the relevant market, and
• With patent application preparation and prosecution focused on securing patents, having excellent monetization and enforcement value over the life of the patent.
We also advise on investing in life science companies, often a risky proposition. Prudent investing requires an in-depth understanding of the intellectual property landscape for target companies.
Our lawyers have long served clients by building patent assets of value and assessing freedom-to-practice technology. We also help investors make better investment decisions by providing a clear vision of intellectual property opportunities and risks.

Innovators of petroleum products, polymers, environmental remediation technologies, coatings, biofuels, metal recovery and refining technologies, water treatment systems, magnets, nanomaterials, and many more chemical products have long turned to our lawyers for strategic advice on how best to protect and leverage their intellectual property.
Before entering private practice, most of our patent lawyers and agents spent years working in corporate and government settings. That experience, combined with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, metallurgical engineering, and related disciplines, provides our clients with the knowledge, insight and skill they need in managing their IP portfolio.
Our lawyers routinely handle all aspects of chemistry patent protection, licensing and enforcement, both in the United States and abroad. We have filed patents on chemical innovations for our clients in nearly every country in the world as part of our clients’ long-term global IP strategies.

Green Technology
Innovators in the fields of energy generation, conservation and other green technology often turn to our patent lawyers and agents to help guide them through the development and protection of their intellectual property.
Our clients can rely on the diverse technical, business and legal experience of our lawyers in emerging environment-related technologies. The quickly evolving nature of the green technology market dictates a need for clients to develop sophisticated intellectual property strategies. Our lawyers help preserve the rights of owners while carefully managing the levels of investment that are appropriate to the stage and level of our clients funding.

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