Brian Boerman Publishes Article about Cryptocurrency in INTA Bulletin

On May 15, Sheridan Ross attorney Brian Boerman published an article on cryptocurrency in the INTA Bulletin. The article, “Cryptocurrency and Trademarks: A Bit of a Challenge,” analyzes the tricky relationship between cryptocurrencies and trademark law. As Brian writes in his introduction:

“Cryptocurrency has been the subject of considerable investment attention in the last few years. Proponents of the underlying blockchain technology have hailed it as a solution for everything from voting to tracking food supply. Its growing presence makes it likely that every area of law will need to grapple with how to address this technology at some point; this process has already begun in several areas of law, including trademark law. Despite its status as a “revolutionary” technology, courts have had little trouble applying substantive trademark law to blockchain technology. Irrespective of that, blockchain technology has posed and will likely continue to pose practical problems for trademark owners.”

Read the full article on the Bulletin’s website here.

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