Four Sheridan Ross Attorneys Named to World Trademark Review List

Sheridan Ross is proud to announce that the firm and four attorneys were honored in the 2017 World Trademark Review.

Now in its seventh year, WTR praises the leading individuals and firms throughout the Trademark Industry.  The selection process is based on research of more than 1,500 face-to-face and telephone interviews with trademark specialists around the world.  Sheridan Ross is excited to announce its recent recognition and attorney awards for the Colorado region. Among the honorees this year are Lew Hansen, Sabrina Stavish, Miriam Trudell and John Posthumus.

World Trademark Review shared the following about Sheridan Ross and the named attorneys:

The firm’s name carries much prestige.  The firm exploits industry-specific knowledge across a variety of markets, which gives its branding insight a keen edge… As one peer extols: “I have had nothing but good experiences dealing with its lawyers and fully respect their consummate professionalism.” 

At the start of 2017, Lewis Hansen took over the reins as the new practice group leader. He draws on almost 30 years of branding wisdom and excels at hammering out critical IP deals.

Sabrina Stavish, a well-known, established portfolio manager whom adopts a panoramic view of clients’ brands to ensure their positions on the market are unassailable… “Her advice is practical, transparent and based on a real understanding of business objectives,” one client shared.

Miriam Trudell offers invaluable support on the counselling front; she prosecutes, maintains and enforces trademark rights with zeal.

When disputes arise, John Posthumus assuredly takes charge. “His strategic advice in trademark enforcement and litigation is second to none. He can handle complex and esoteric issues, and he always personally

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