More than 90% of our attorneys and patent agents hold degrees in technical fields

Founded in 1954, Sheridan Ross P.C. is the oldest intellectual property law firm in the Rocky Mountain region.

Focused entirely on the worldwide protection of intellectual property rights in the United States and around the globe, few firms match our breadth of experience and level of service to clients.

More than 90 percent of our attorneys and patent agents hold degrees, including many with advanced degrees, in technical fields such as pharmaceuticals, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics and aeronautics. A majority of our professionals have prior work experience in technical fields such as engineering and manufacturing, aerospace, robotics, plastics, computer software, biochemistry, molecular biology and neuroscience.

From our location in the center of North America, we work with in-house counsel and executives of the most successful national and international companies.  Clients from virtually every industry and technology have come to expect relevant, cost-effective solutions to their patent law needs: Patent prosecution, non-infringement and freedom to operate opinions, technology transactions and licensing, as well as dispute resolution and litigation.

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