Sheridan Ross sponsors 4th Annual Women in Bioscience Symposium

Attorney Rita Sanzgiri, Ph.D. served as the moderator for a lively panel discussion at the 4th Annual CBSA Women in Bioscience Symposium held July 21 on the campus of the University of Colorado. Sponsored by Sheridan Ross, more than 70 bioscience professionals attended this year’s event to hear from industry leaders including:
Katie Weimer, VP Medical Devices – Healthcare, 3DSystems
Dawn Bitz, Chief Commercial Officer, InDevR
Nicole Frederickson, VP Marketing, Silvergate Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Sanzgiri led the panel through a discussion highlighting the diverse career paths, transitions, challenges and opportunities each of the commercial company leaders had experienced. In addition, the panel talked through the importance of mentoring and the guidance they received from others that helped them throughout their careers, and offered advice to the audience members toward achieving their own career goals.

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The half-day symposium was capped by a keynote presentation and workshop led by Christina Haxton, a nationally-recognized thought leader on the art and science behind sustainable business growth and leadership effectiveness. Haxton’s presentation included a discussion centered on understanding “purpose” in your career and optimizing personal strengths. Attendees were challenged to create their unique purpose statement and to develop an impact plan to put their purpose into action.

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