Spring cleaning: Some items we’d like to sweep away this season

The Denver Post included John Posthumus in an editorial roundup of things that local public figures would like to do away with during spring cleaning.


We (and they) know who they are. They are the disablers. The cynics.

They say “no” or “that is not possible,” or offer only discouragement.

If I could, I would rid the world of naysaying. Enablers, please step forward.

We need you, now more than ever. We need you to challenge conventional thinking. We need you to innovate, achieve excellence and inspire others to do the same.

There are examples: How about Solar Impulse? This Project’s mission is to fly a solar airplane around the world. By accomplishing this “first,” this Project is pushing conventional wisdom aside and driving new innovation in renewable energies and sustainable development.

Imagine some dayflying on an airplane that only uses the sun to power its engines. They say it is impossible? Sweep their naysaying attitude into the trash.

How about the Khan Academy? This academy’s mission is to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere by providing access to teaching videos that cover K-12 topics in math and science. Imagine a more effective public school system that produces more children competent in math and science by allowing them to learn new topics at home and do their homework at school. They say it won’t work? Open the windows to let fresh creative air in and their stale discouraging attitude out.

As a community, state, country and world, we face many social and technological challenges. We need more “pioneers” like the people behind the Solar Impulse and Khan Academy who are not afraid to fail and take reasonable risks to implement creative solutions.

Importantly, these “pioneers” inspire us to be pioneers in our own lives – to accomplish “firsts” in our ways of thinking and behaving.

Imagine the possibilities if we all approached each day, each challenge this way.

Enablers: Please step forward.

—John Posthumus, Denver intellectual property attorney and one of The Denver Post’s Top Thinkers of 2012


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