World Trademark Review Recognizes Five Sheridan Ross Attorneys

Sheridan Ross is proud to announce that the firm and each of the shareholders in its Trademark Practice Group were honored in the 2020 World Trademark Review.

Now in its ninth year, WTR praises the leading individuals and firms throughout the Trademark Industry. The selection process is based on research of more than 1,500 face-to-face and telephone interviews with trademark specialists around the world.  Sheridan Ross is excited to announce its recent recognition and attorney awards for the Colorado region. This year’s honorees include Lew Hansen, Sabrina Stavish, Miriam Trudell, Sarah Schneider, and Pamela Hirschman.

World Trademark Review shared the following about Sheridan Ross and the named attorneys:

“Sheridan Ross adapts well to different clients and offers a neatly tailored and personal service that emphasises the achievement of commercial objectives. The close-knit, consistent and stable group has over 110 years of experience collectively and can confidently handle any US or international brand management or enforcement matter. Sabrina StavishMiriam Trudell and Sarah Schneider, for example, work together to service the full global trademark needs of a top 10 Fortune 500 company. Stavish has seen so much in the practice that she knows what play to call in any situation; she is also an excellent coach and mentor. Co-managing partner Trudell, who leads the trademark practice, is another prosecution and portfolio mastermind; she also has abundant TTAB experience. Schneider navigates unerringly through difficult online brand management and enforcement issues; she takes the practice personally and always goes the extra mile to make her clients’ desired outcomes a reality. Lewis Hansen and Pamela Hirschman have joined forces to advise a multi-billion dollar brewery – and 30-plus year patron – on global strategy and prosecution. Brand development and commercialisation is the metier of veteran Hansen. Former USPTO examiner Hirschman has been busy in the cannabis space of late, showing a deft touch on novel issues in this fast-evolving area.”

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