Technology Transactions and Licensing

Often to get the most benefit from your intellectual property, new or time-tested, you need to allow others to use it, too.  Our lawyers are skilled in helping clients negotiate and prepare development, licensing, acquisition and sale agreements involving intellectual property rights.

We routinely assist clients in obtaining and enforcing rights in patents, trademarks and copyrights, and we fully understand the nuances of crafting the array of agreements and other documents required in the commercialization of intellectual property.

The breadth of technology involved in such transactions encompasses virtually all areas of human endeavor, ranging from biotechnology, medical devices, mining, machines, software and electronics, to brand identity, trademarks, trade dress, music, artwork and books, as well as a wide variety of other industries and products.

Our lawyers work closely with either in-house counsel or our clients business or corporate law firm to create commercial agreements that both address the intricacies involved in the development, licensing or sale of intellectual property, and achieve the best benefit to the client.

Patent Agents